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eh..lots of work today.. lots of it.

I have a b+ in english:).. I'm as happy as can be seeing I had thehunch I was failing. My grades feel like MAD this marking period. I'm a fucking idiot and I can't believe I did that but hey.. I'm a fucking idiot! adding to that. I feel like shhhiiiat. I don't want to care anymore. usually I don't but when I see something I start to again. I don't matter anymore which is fine.. I never really did but it's kind of like half a year.. gone. tooo bad. it was all bullshit anyways..

I slept over ERICAS.. oh yes I did:) I was so nice to hang out with her again.. it's been awhile.. a real long while. I miss all those girls I saw casey and emily and there guys too.. ah but I have my pals this year:) and they're totally kick ass.. yeah KICK ASS

I went tanning today.. oh yeeeeyeah.. haha one too many people have said "you look sick" or "are you okay? , you look pale" even though it's winter and we're suppose to be white.. having a lighter shade than clear would be pretty tricky i'd say.
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