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check it..

On my way to trumbull with step.
I am just a damn mallrat. it's pathetic.

I'm pretty proud of myself I've done much more than I have in awhile.. I make use of my time.

I didn't complain to go to San Fran... I actually want to go to England. annnd I'm going to NYC tomarrow.. amazing. Maybe it's because noooow! it's not like I could be with someone to make me happier.. and there's no one to miss me!.. thinking back.. I had the chance to go to FL and like england and Canada but I never was interested for I had something better to do. Now, take me away.. I need to be away.

Steph and I are going to new york with moms tomarrow:).. yay. how exciting. we geet to go see the tree.. maybe ICE SKATE! chyeaaah.. and even.. maybe shop?!!?!?!?:).

I wanna go into like channel and try on dresses worth more than me:) sounds like a grand ol' time:).. yayayayyy.
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