Laura (babylo3189) wrote,

who's more flyy


my throat hurts and I have this bitchy cough...

I wonder if it is raining or snowing at all anymore. I am in no mood to write an essay.. noooope I'm not. it would be so super if we had like a snow day.. or even a delay! BOY.. that would be niiice:)

Today! I saw Elf once again. it's just so good.. SO SO SO GOOD. just me and kim.. yeahhh.. just me and her..

I ate a loaf of cornbread today.. it was really good.

I have yet bought any gifts.. besides for myself. selfish selfish

poppa bought me a jean vest for christmas:):):).. yes.. yes he did!:):):)

wwellll I'm feeling pretty crappy. :( and still I am confused as all hell yet to to to scared to ask for any confirmation.
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