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I'm going to something corporate! yeeeyeahh.. sucks so bad about london, stupid people.. baah.. maybe I'll get to go somewhere else?!.. or SNOWBOARDING!:) welll.. School totally blew today. I had a history test, the science, then spanish, then math, then a health quiz... totally sucked. I went tanning.. again.. and I am an f'ing tomato.. well certain parts of me are at least?.. Steph, Sarah and Jess came over for like an hour then we tanned and me and steph went to kileys to whip steph into science mode. took a good 4 hours? but I think we made progress. She seems to grasp it all.. yeah well cool. I'm not really caring if we have school or not.. if not me and deen are sledding or rolling down snowy hills. If not lots of review for Midterms which I must do well on. Looking forward towards the weekend.

I need to go aloe myself.. I'm hot hot hot..

OC was on tonight.. Oliver is such a scumbag.. yeah he is.
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