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eh..lots of work today.. lots of it.

I have a b+ in english:).. I'm as happy as can be seeing I had thehunch I was failing. My grades feel like MAD this marking period. I'm a fucking idiot and I can't believe I did that but hey.. I'm a fucking idiot! adding to that. I feel like shhhiiiat. I don't want to care anymore. usually I don't but when I see something I start to again. I don't matter anymore which is fine.. I never really did but it's kind of like half a year.. gone. tooo bad. it was all bullshit anyways..

I slept over ERICAS.. oh yes I did:) I was so nice to hang out with her again.. it's been awhile.. a real long while. I miss all those girls I saw casey and emily and there guys too.. ah but I have my pals this year:) and they're totally kick ass.. yeah KICK ASS

I went tanning today.. oh yeeeeyeah.. haha one too many people have said "you look sick" or "are you okay? , you look pale" even though it's winter and we're suppose to be white.. having a lighter shade than clear would be pretty tricky i'd say.
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excuse me laura...i dont like you talknig about being clear when im not around..its not too nice..

we all cant be tan..some of us will just learn to live with it
kim.. you're almost as black as sarah..

but you never had a rude asshole state after your absence..

"you look terrible"

fuck you stan fuuuuuckk you


January 12 2004, 18:10:20 UTC 13 years ago

you gotta get over that kid. i dont want to say pathetic, but it is. Just go to him and say fuck you and leave it at that
alright anonymous.. IS FUCKING COOL.. again.. I'm listening to your advice.. it's really really making an impact on my joke

you have no idea what your talking about.. I've been fucking over him.. but it still doesn't make me feel good?.. get it.


January 13 2004, 11:18:15 UTC 13 years ago

ya it sure seems like you are