Laura (babylo3189) wrote,

I hear 50 gets his done there..



damn.. I wrote this long ass entry which I thought posted before I left.. it was a good one two.. cheery i'd say. baaaahh

San Fran was pretty pointless but I got to shop? which is something I do everyday anyways? I would have much rather been home for new years. I wanted to be at Scotts with all buudddiiess.. but whatever whatever..s eemed liek they all have a good time:) BC did win.. and dan gave me his MP3 player..hip hip.

Can't wait to get home. I'm in this admirals club thing for american airlines.. preetttyy damn shnazy I'd say. I need food, oh yes I do. they have those strawberry candies at the front desk:) ya know the ones with the gooie? stuff in the middle.. yumm. it's pretty early.. well here its 6:32 but homeits like 9:34 so not too bad.

Well.. all you girls who said your coming over tonight apparently .. you shall.. bring BOYS!he he... jk.. bring whoever you want.. this is pretty damn tricky..
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